So schnell kann’s gehen…

wollte nur mal wieder meine Freundin in ihrem Fair Trade Laden besuchen.
Aber statt wie sonst beim Kaeffchen nett zu quatschen, hat sie mich diesmal gebeten fuer die neu eingetroffenen Tuecher Modell zu stehen (o:
Den Beweis findet ihr hier:

sowas passiert mir wohl auch nur in japan (o;

Neulich beim shoppen:
…in Deutschland ist die Tasche wohl nicht bedruckt worden (o:


Turn the WHY into a HOW

One thing is sure: troubles come. Things happen that you don’t understand. The downsides of life that no one would like to experience. The things we pray that God would take away, or better even keep from happening to us. But one other thing is sure, too: God is there, whether you feel him or not. The most disturbing question in these times is WHY:
WHY is this happening to me?
WHY did I have to grow up with my mother addicted to alcohol?
WHY did my brother have to die due to cancer when he was only 24 years old?
WHY am I still single?
WHY can’t I speak and understand Japanese, well?
WHY am I the only one that cannot play volleyball?
WHY am I not as pretty as the girl sitting next to me?

It’s small and bigger things but the WHY is not taking me very far.
It keeps me centered around myself. Keeps me focusing on my misery.
But if I really believe God is good, God is just, God is love, God is in control and in Him I can have peace and hope, I should stop asking WHY and rather ask HOW.
HOW can I find God in all of this?
HOW can I grow through this experience?
HOW can God be glorified in this?
HOW will God come through with his love?
HOW can I give him praise?
HOW can I help others through my experience?

In the same way the WHY makes me resigning and passive,
the HOW gets me excited, gets me going to look for God. As he has promised: ”You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” I will start to find God, to see his light shine through in all this darkness and dirt.
Healing can begin and the spark of hope will become a big flame of faith.
I still don’t know Why and maybe I don’t need to know anymore, because I looked for the How I could see, I could grow and be more and more amazed of His great love. And isn’t that all I really want? Growing closer to Him, knowing Him more deeply?
Whatever it takes: I will stop asking Why but never stop asking How!

Was für ein Morgen…

Musste heute sehr früh nach Tokyo..vom Schnellzug dann ungestiegen in die U-Bahn..Hab es ja nicht besser gewusst:Es war mein erstes ‘subway pusher’Erlebnis..mir ging’s ganz gut aber die kleine Dame vor mir hatte meine Tasche direkt im
Genick..Tat mir sehr leid!)-;
Nun sitz ich im Cafe fülle mein Visa Antrag für Bangladesh aus
Der erste Schnee,den ich dieses Jahr sehe!

Fast geschafft..

Es war leider zu eisig, darum haben wir es nicht bis zum Gipfel geschafft, aber immerhin
bis ueber 3000 meter…aber wir hatten ne Menge Spass und alle sind gesund! Wir probieren es dann im naechsten Jahr wieder (o: